Death toll in dengue outbreak hits 40 in Bangladesh  The New Indian Express

Among the affected patients, 7864 remained in different hospitals across the country, while approximately 85 percent have already been discharged, according ...

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  1. Measles claims over 2500 lives in the DRC  Africanews English
  2. Measles kill more people in DR Congo than Ebola — NGO  Jamaica Observer
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  1. Alzheimer's: Death of key brain cells causes daytime sleepiness  Medical News Today
  2. Napping more? That could be an early symptom of Alzheimer's, a new study says  USA TODAY
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  1. No. of dengue patients at around 50000!  Eleven Myanmar
  2. Health ministry ramps up vector control programme  Jamaica Observer
  3. No. of dengue patients at around 50,000!  The Daily Star
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  1. Eating less gluten could lower a child's risk of celiac, but at what cost?  Popular Science
  2. "Catcher of the Rye" Detects Rye Gluten in Foods  Technology Networks
  3. Scientists find a way to make sure your food is really gluten-free  CNET
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  1. The Deadliest Type of Tuberculosis Has a New FDA-Approved Treatment  ScienceAlert
  2. FDA OKs 'Game Changer' Pretomanid for Highly Resistant TB  Medscape
  3. FDA approves treatment for drug-resistant TB  Newsy
  4. FDA Approves New Treatment for Highly Drug-Resistant Forms of Tuberculosis  PRNewswire
  5. Treatment for extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis wins US government approval
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  1. Type 2 Diabetes: Small Reduction in Alcohol, Big Reduction in Heart Disease Risk  The Epoch Times
  2. Type 2 diabetes: Going on holiday? Seven things people with type 2 diabetes should know  Express
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  1. Burundi starts Ebola vaccines for health workers: WHO  Reuters Africa
  2. Ebola now curable, thanks to Congolese doctor behind treatment that 'cures symptoms in just an hour'  Face2Face Africa
  3. The Guardian view on treating Ebola: science is the start  The Guardian
  4. Ebola virus is no longer incurable, Congo trial reports over 90 percent success  New Atlas
  5. 'Ebola kills but heals quickly' - Congolese doctor after 2 patients get 'cured'  Africanews English
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  1. Menopausal patients ‘panicking’ because of crisis in supply of HRT drugs  The Sun
  2. Doctors warn of a surge in demand for HRT medication as women panic buy drugs amid chronic shortage  Daily Mail
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  1. The artificial intelligence lab: what will investment in AI mean for the healthcare industry?  Health Europa
  2. Boris Johnson pledges £250m for NHS artificial intelligence  The Guardian
  3. NHS to receive £250m boost for AI development  The Telegraph
  4. Boris Johnson pledges £250million for ‘revolutionary’ NHS Artificial Intelligence Lab that treats killer cond  The Sun
  5. NHS looks to artificial intelligence to improve healthcare  Financial Times
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  1. West Nile Virus Neuroinvasive Disease On the Rise  Medscape
  2. Two more deaths from West Nile Virus | News
  3. Valley man speaks out following West Nile diagnoses  FOX5 Las Vegas
  4. Tiny bite can be dangerous - Kelowna News
  5. West Nile Virus Found in Midland County Bird  9&10 News
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  1. Federal Experts' Advice on HPV Vaccine Could Add Confusion  Medscape
  2. The CDC Needs to Be Clear About Which Adults Need the HPV Vaccine  VICE
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  1. Health department sets measles, mumps and rubella vaccination clinic for Aug. 14  Tonica News
  2. Another measles cases confirmed in Laval and Rosemère  Montreal Gazette
  3. Physicians for Informed Consent and Peter Gøtzsche Debate Risk of Dying from the MMR Vaccine vs. Measles in BMJ  PR Web
  4. Why is uptake of the measles vaccine so low?  Nursing in Practice
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  1. Drinking This Much Coffee May Trigger Migraines  Live Science
  2. Too much coffee raises the odds of triggering a migraine headache  EurekAlert
  3. Too much coffee causes migraines | News  The Times
  4. Three cups of coffee a day increases migraine risk, study suggests  ITV News
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  1. Uganda begins trial of Ebola vaccine: health officials  Medical Xpress
  2. DR Congo Ebola crisis: Health workers try to contain virus  Al Jazeera English
  3. Uganda starts Ebola vaccination trial  EWN
  4. Ebola pandemic seems far way ahead of medical response  KBC Channel 1
  5. Readers respond: Merkley can help African cities
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  1. Nine health benefits to eating dark chocolate
  2. Scoffing chocolate helps slash the risk of depression by up to 70 per cent, studies show  The Sun
  3. Dark chocolate lowers risk of depression, study suggests
  4. Eating dark chocolate could boost mood and relieve symptoms of depression: study  7NEWS
  5. People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed, study reveals  Mirror Online
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  1. If you smoke pot, your anesthesiologist needs to know
  2. Colorado looks to medical marijuana to ease opioid crisis  NBC News
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  1. Breast cancer blood test detects relapse months before symptoms occur  Medical Device Network
  2. Blood test can spot breast cancer relapse a year before scans  The Times
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  1. Travelling tumours: New research on 6000 year old canine cancer  SciTech Europa
  2. A Sexually Transmitted Cancer in Dogs Is Even Weirder Than We Thought  Gizmodo
  3. Thousands of Years Ago, a Dog Gave Rise to an Immortal Entity  The Atlantic
  4. Somatic evolution and global expansion of an ancient transmissible cancer lineage  Science Magazine
  5. The curious tale of the cancer 'parasite' that sailed the seas
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  1. Why the 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba Is So Deadly  Live Science
  2. Why the 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba Found In Freshwater Lakes Is So Deadly
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  1. Alzheimer's blood test could boost research after successive trial failures  pharmaphorum
  2. Alzheimer’s blood test could predict onset up to 20 years in advance  The Guardian
  3. Blood test is 94% accurate at identifying early Alzheimer's disease  Medical Xpress
  4. Blood test that can diagnose Alzheimer's 20 years before it affects on trial  Mirror Online
  5. Alzheimer's diagnosis: new blood test can detect disease  The Times
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  1. West Nile positive mosquitoes trapped at 11 DeKalb locations  11Alive
  2. Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Dane County, health officials say
  3. Fresh case of Blue Nile virus in north  Cyprus Mail
  4. Mosquitoes on school grounds test positive for West Nile, district says  WLWT Cincinnati
  5. City confirms West Nile Virus in Lubbock  KCBD
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  1. Complications after cardiac device implantation vary widely among hospitals
  2. Study finds one-in-12 heart devices cause major complications  RNZ
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  1. Cairns dental patients warned: get tested  Bombala Times
  2. Hundreds of patients at risk of HIV and other disease infection at Cairns private dental clinic  The Cairns Post
  3. Patients to be contacted after infection control issues found at Cairns dental clinic  Courier Mail
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